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The SPSAS is open to young researchers as well as undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world; applications will be accepted through June 10 (photo: Wikimedia)

Bioenergy is the topic of the São Paulo School of Advanced Science

April 30, 2014

Agência FAPESP – The School of Food Engineering at the University of Campinas (FEA/Unicamp), the Interdisciplinary Center for Energy Planning (NIPE) and the Integrated Doctoral Program in Bioenergy will sponsor the São Paulo School of Advanced Science (SPSAS) on the Present and Future of Bioenergy, October 10-17, 2014.

Funded by FAPESP, the SPSAS offers support for the organization of short-term advanced research courses in various fields of knowledge in the state of São Paulo.

The event will bring together specialists from a variety of fields associated with bioenergy, such as Glaucia Mendes Souza of the University of São Paulo (USP) who will talk about FAPESP’s Bioenergy Research Program (BIOEN); Marcelo Menossi Teixeira from Unicamp who will discuss advances in sugarcane genomics; Mislav Oreb from the University of Frankfurt, Germany, whose presentation is entitled “Biofuels beyond ethanol”; Stenbjörn Styrin of the University of Uppsala, Sweden who will talk about photosynthesis; and Robbert Kleerebezem of the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands who will present the class called, “A biorefinery from municipal waste as a raw material: utopia or reality?"

The course is geared towards undergraduate and graduate students as well as young researchers (those with a doctorate obtained within the past five years).

The SPSAS will select 120 students from all over the world who will have the opportunity to interact with the participants and visit research institutions and companies in the state of São Paulo.

Applications will be accepted through June 10, 2014. Selected candidates will be informed by July 10 and will have the opportunity to present the findings of their research in poster sessions that discuss the progress of their results with participating scientists.

Activities will be held at the School of Chemical Engineering located at Avenida Albert Einstein, 500, in the Cidade Universitária Zeferino Vaz, Campinas (SP).

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