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Agência FAPESP’s Copyright and Republication Policy

Articles and new stories published by Agência FAPESP may be republished in digital media under Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-ND. Compliance with Agência FAPESP’s Digital Content Republication Policy, set out below, is mandatory.

The name of the author or reporter must be cited, as must the source (Agência FAPESP). Using the button “Republish complete article (images and infographics)” ensures compliance with the rules described here.

Agência FAPESP’s Digital Content Republication Policy

Agência FAPESP licenses news reports and other kinds of material under Creative Commons so that they can be republished free of charge and in a straightforward manner by other digital media or by print media.

The Republish button is available on the page of each news report licensed via Creative Commons.


Agência FAPESP must be credited as the source of the republished content, preferably at the top of the page, with a link to the Agency’s home page ( or directly to the URL for the article in question.

The name of the author must also be cited, preferably at the beginning of the article, as follows: “[Name of reporter], Agência FAPESP”.

The republished material should be accompanied by a link to the CC BY-ND 4.0 license to ensure that everyone who sees Agência FAPESP’s content in other media will know that they too can use the material.

Under no circumstances may republication of material sourced from suggest affiliation of any kind with Agência FAPESP or Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP), or their endorsement of the media in which it is republished.

Agência FAPESP reserves the right to revoke permission to republish material at any time and for any reason. Questions about this policy should be sent by email to

Interviews, photographs, videos and images

FAPESP maintains a database with contact details for the researchers and research centers it supports. Requests for interviews and permission to reuse photographs, videos and images used by Agência FAPESP should be addressed to FAPESP’s Press Office at:


When republishing material sourced from Agência FAPESP in HTML format, you must include our tracking pixel, which is a piece of code that allows us to count page views so that we know which publications our content is reaching and can estimate the size of our readership. If you use the Republish button, the tracking pixel will be automatically included. Agência FAPESP offers the option of a text-only version but would prefer the material to be republished in full.


If in doubt about any of these guidelines, contact us by email at


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